Friday, May 16, 2008

Unsigned Music Snippets - Daniel Jones

Name : Daniel Jones

Hails From : Cork, Ireland

Music Sound : Acoustic / Indie / Rock

About :
Few Artists excite me but this guy is really "One To Watch" , After hearing some tracks from his EP "Faces, Girls, Monsters" I was blown away. Such talent lies out there and this one is on our doorstep. He is clearly influenced by the likes of Neil Young , The Smiths and Ryan Adams. Just listen to the opener on his myspace page called "Rip It Up", its like a leaf out of Ryan Adams Rock & Roll era. This guy is going places and cant wait to get my hands on some sort of an album. He has already received some great reviews in the form of Hot Press and is clearly on his way to great things. The EP is not in the shops yet but free downloads are rumoured according to the man himself and a possible album launch, watch this space......

Media Snippets :

Cork-based solo artist Daniel Jones opens his EP on a strong note with the excellent,brooding 'Rip It Up' before the slower,almost majestic 'Bouquet' comes around.

Tinges of the Jesus & Mary Chain's signature cocktail of pounding drums and distorted riffs abound,particularly on the latter track,and the overall mood is bleak and mournful.

A gentle piano ballad,'Taunting The Tide' rounds off this compelling debut


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