Thursday, January 3, 2008

The Small Mercies come up Trumps again

The 29th of December saw Eamonn Hehir descend on dolans again for a nearly annual Christmas gig, I went expecting the same greatness we heard last year ,However the set list seemed to have improved and the gig flowed better than any other I have seen this year. We were greeted with two classic covers from Emmylou Harris & Neil young and an all round good night of music and craic, It looks like it will finally happen and we will be treated to a second helping of a Eamonn Hehir solo album. Blood Mill Road was the first and at the gig two songs cropped up that would fit nicely in the new album one of which was "Gigs & Funerals" (Feat. Below) ,Cheers Lads hope to see ye next year

Click Play Below to Play Gigs & Funerals by Eamonn Hehir


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ten second delay said...

Eamonn Hehir is really as great as everyone thinks he is.. Gigs & Funerals is a documentary on a lot of people's lives.. We should all meet more often.. not just at gigs & Funerals.. siobhán