Monday, August 11, 2008

Mundy Live @ Dolans Warehouse, Limerick 08/08/08 Review

As I said before I wasn’t sure which Mundy would turn up but as soon as the cowboy hat was on tow you knew he was on form and ready to roll. Dolans was packed from the rafters and a noticeable young Galway girl band wagon crowd was forming. I was hoping from the offset it wouldn’t turn into a July Request annoying evening and I was so happy it didn’t. Firstly the support act arrived on stage a hagrid (Harry Potter) type character emerged from backstage. With a collection of fantastic sounding material from his first album “A Picture”. This folk artist entertained the crowd with between song stories of how the album was written and some quirky banter. One such notable story was that he had been swimming that morning in Lahinch. As he emerged from the water a group of lads remarked “Jesus has really let himself go!”. The guys name was David Hope and he just cements the fact that there is so much Irish Talent out there. Many of the songs came from his new album and also some future gems were showcased. Check out his MySpace page and listen for yourself, he certainly is one to watch. Now to the main act as I said he came out full of energy and looked to be on top form. The set list drew mainly from Raining Down arrows and also 4 Brand new songs, which I assure you, are going to make up an album of "Jelly Legs" Like classics. The Galway Girl Band Wagoner’s we treated to July halfway through the set and were made wait until the last song for what they came for. All in All for my 9th time seeing the guy it was one of the best, Cheers! David Hope : Mundy : Set List: Sound of Keys By Her Side Me And My Guitar * Raining Down Arrows Fever * July/Im on Fire 10,000 Miles Away From Harm/ House of the Rising Sun Avalong * To You I bestow (Video Below) January Blues * Love And Confusion Mexico Encore: Something Good Rescue Remedy Galway Girl Mundy - To you I bestow, Dolans Warehouse 08/08/08 (Quality is v.bad Sorry) David Hope - Louise live @ Balcony TV

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jbourke said...

Hi good review. Interesting comments on "which Mundy would show up". This was my first time seeing him live, and would defo go again. BTW the head dead centre in your video... me I believe!