Tuesday, January 3, 2012

Brad Pitt Light Orchestra live at Dolans 28/12/2011 Review

BPLO seem to be having an annual bash in dolans to see out the year, Its been 2 years since I last caught the band live and its always a pleasure,

Tonight saw local young band Moscow Metro join them on the billing as the support act and also Mister Justin, The upstairs in dolans was mobbed with people and with still 2 hours to go before the gig. BPLO clearly have a great local following and the numbers tonight proves just that.

The first act Mister Justin played a handful of songs that I couldn't really hear due to the mass of people and their "How'd the Christmas go" conversations and then came Moscow Metro, This time with added drums which made the crowd sit up and listen a little. This band are going from strength to strength and tonight might not have been the clientele that would usually sample their type of music but they got a great reception. I am really looking forward to seeing how 2012 goes for Moscow Metro.
black honey
skinny love (Bon Iver cover)
tunnel vision (Tuesday Blue cover)
where it all ends
spirit of the city

BPLO clambered on stage to great applause, The blake siblings joined by a pletera of local talent on various instruments gave a great night of entertainment. Delighted they put in a seasonal song in the set in the form of an East17 cover :)
When you go to a BPLO gig you really get a performance, It is almost like witnessing a play and I love the theatrical nature of a lot of their tracks, The last time I saw them was the night they released their 2010 album Lowering the Tone(Review here), 2012 promises a new record from them, so fingers crossed. Cheers for another great night.

We Walked On
Grace Jones
Wake Up
Four out of Five
Last of Me
First Dance
Stay Another Day (East17 Cover)
New Miracle
Devil & Me
All I Want Long
Time Rouge

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