Monday, November 17, 2008

Indiecater Records -compilations and lost indie albums for the digital age

mp3hugger is hard at work once again. The brilliant side project Indiecater Records has already provided us with 3 Volumes of great indie music from various bands.
Indiecater has also brought out several reissued album for people who never got a chance to hear them first time around or for some reminiscing. The four albums pictured above are part of this regeneration process of music.
Bands that were topped for big time success and just never made the grade but left us with a great first album. These are a fantastic look back to mid 90s bands and relive their greatness. The price is a key element to indiecater records the albums cost buttons and provide the listener with great quality records. You can buy online now at the website and keep checking back, who knows what band might come back to haunt us next.
Check out some samples and reviews here

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