Monday, July 27, 2009

Music Snippets # 19 - Ugly Beautiful

Hail From :
Cork Band Members : Kieran Lane - guitar, vocals Michal Falender - Drums Mick Gallagher - Bass About : This Cork three piece have had a few changes over the years since their formation in 2007. Namely a name change from Satellite Escape to Ugly Beautiful and some changes in line up of the band brings up to a new look for 2009. This year sees the band bring their debut album to the world in the form of 9 Track "Paradise". The guys describe themselves as "my bloody valentine meets smashing pumpkins, has a drink with Jeff Buckley on a bad day" Which is weirdly accurate. The album is a great listen and even though I havent caught them live yet im sure this transfers very well. Until I do see them preform ill have to be content with the album which can be purchased on itunes. Their mypace has a list of upcoming gigs and pictures, check it out below.


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