Monday, August 31, 2009

Music Snippets # 20 - Van Cleef

Hail From : Dublin Band Members : FEATHER - Lead Vocals, Rhythm Guitar ALAN JACKSON - Lead Guitar, Backing Vocals MARK COMMINS - Bass Guitar MICHAEL TEEHAN - Drums & Percussion
About : I recently got a hold of these guys debut album "Super Villainesque", What more do you want from an album when you have a whole song dedicated to Scarlett Johansson! There are some great songs in this 12 track debut most notable a track by the name of "Prince". The album is very charming and you cant help but smile listening to it. The album ebs and flows from very upbeat rock to the opposite in such tracks as "One of the Cosby's". These guys are a very likable band and I can only estimate that these guys are even better live. With a heavy gigging schedule planned I'm sure ill be able to sample this. The guys are worth checking out, Gig Listings are below and their myspace link. They have a list of stores where you can purchase their new album if itunes doesn't float your boat. Check them out!
Van Cleef coming to a town near you :
19 Sep 200915:00
Music Maker InstoreDublin
24 Sep 200921:00
Green & Live Sessions, Dolan’s UpstairsLimerick
25 Sep 200920:00
The StablesMullingar
26 Sep 200920:00
Live @ Murphy’s/The Hog’s HeadWaterford
30 Sep 200920:00
The Song Room @ The GlobeDublin
10 Oct 200920:00
The Brewery (McKenna’s)Monaghan Town


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