Monday, September 28, 2009

This Saturday in Dolans - A Worthy Cause & A Great Night of Music

Last Days of the Death Country have been organizing an event for their friend Gerard McDonnell, Gerard was the first Irishman to climb the summit of K2, In the decent he died in an avalanche while, fellow climbers believe, attempting to free a trapped member of the expedition. The band are putting on a night of music to raise money for a memorial fund for Gerard. This is taking place next Saturday the 3rd in Dolans warehouse. Ill let the band give you the details : Hey all, I'd like to invite you all to an event that i have been planning for 2 months. I want to raise money for the Gerard McDonnell Memorial Fund, Ger was a close friend of mine and this is a very fitting tribute to my friend who loved music. Showcasing some of the best upcoming irish acts. Vertigo Smyth, Windings, Supermodel Twins, Last Days Of Death Country, Walter Mitty And The Realists and a great club with Dan Sykes So Saturday October 3rd in Dolans Warehouse @ 9.30 Sharp the Gig will start and all this great night of music is only 10euro Please come along and lets make as much money as we can for this very worthy cause and lets have a great night doing it if you can please send this on to people and invite as many as you can Thank you and i look forward to seeing you there Patrick O'Brien (Last Days of Death Country)

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Anonymous said...

Theres no doubt it ll be a great night in Dolans, but for the benefit of the Indielimerick followers there's absolutly no doubt that Gerard stayed back for 6 hours and released 3 climbers that had been left for dead. Photographic evidence and one eyewitness can confirm this. Gerard was a lover of Irishmusic and his band in Alaska are a testiment to this. Anyone that can are asked to please come along to the gig and have a great night.