Friday, October 23, 2009

Music Snippets # 22 - Ultan Conlon

Hail From : Galway
About :
I have in my hand the debut album from Ultan Conlon, This 10 track gem is just amazing, From start to finish this album transports you into Ultan's world. Beautiful stand out tracks such as "Bless your heart" and "The Will" just make this record so special. An Irish album that deserves to be put up in the top spot of Irish albums in 2009. The artwork seen above reminds me of Bob Dylan's 1963 album "The Freewheelin" just without the women on his arm. Maybe I have it wrong but the lack of this women in the cover transpires in the album as we hear songs such as "The Boy Without" with lines such as "It's been a long time since my heart beat for a girl,a real girl, with explosion and spark, it's been a lonely year for this boy without a city, the boy without a kiss". Ultan sparks every emotion on this album and its one record i know ill be going back to every now and then.
I had the pleasure of seeing Ultan live recently in Galway (Review Here : ) and the tracks he played that night are all hidden in this record, Live I found them even better as he poured his soul out on stage and that raw amazing voice is just that bit better when your in the same room. I also got a copy of a 5 track live album which almost captures this beautiful rawness. I cant wait to see the next chapter in Conlons music book and I am really looking forward to seeing the guy live again. Keep on eye on this one!

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