Tuesday, March 9, 2010

The Great Friday Festival 2010

Limericks best underground festival is back for another year of greatness. What started as a small house party back in 2003 has escalated into now an annual festival in a random field in county Limerick. The line up seems to improve with age, this years sees the brilliant "Brad Pitt light Orchestra" take to the field. As always the festival takes place on good Friday(2nd of April). With all the hub bub about the hassle with no drink on good Friday in Limerick for the rugby match between Munster and the ladyboys, The festival will show the Match and the booze will be provided by the festival goers themselves as always. Tickets are going fast . check out more here http://greatfriday.ie/
2010 Line up so far: DJ’s: Jamie Behan Kevin Blake Deadly Buzz Dan Sykes Unsafe Girl P-hocto Deego Decorum Ruan Flood Tokin white boy Jonezy Gordon Agnew Acoustic Artists: Andy Mooney Benoit Yvonne McCarthy Main Stage: Funzo Heirs to Nothing Secret Police Acoustra Brad Pitt Light Orchestra Tidal Minds Yukina Fewer the Better Heliopause Grades of Shade

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Thanks for the short review for that 2010 festival. i missed some event their