Wednesday, September 1, 2010

Panic! The New Limerick Club Night

Dolans are just about to start a new revolution in clubbing, Panic!
is the new name for dolans of a Thursday night. Tomorrow night sees the first night of the change over. Dolans every Thursday night will be filled with acts in the main bar , upstairs and in the warehouse. Its a great addition to the venue and a great addition to your week. Ill let them tell you more :
Panic! is set to take over Limerick... It is the club night that will change Thursday nights in Limerick forever... Indie, Electro, Hip Hop and everything else downright wicked will fill Dolans with Panic! Everyn night will feature the best up and coming international and national talent aswell as our resident homegrown ...heroes... The very first night of Panic! will feature: Paul Webb Leon (Warehouse) Animal Beats Supermodel Twins Shane Serrano (Upstairs) UL Trad Soc (Front) All for only 5 bucks! Doors at 10

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