Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Music Snippets #28 - Supermodel Twins

Hail From :
Band Members : Thom O’Keeffe
Alan O’Keeffe
Davey O’Keeffe
Mike Gavin
Noel Mooney
About: Supermodel Twins have been gigging around town for quite some time now and this year the five piece have finally brought out a full length album. The album "Raincloud Free" was produced by Noel Hogan of Cranberries fame. Limerick as you will know by now is very much not raincloud free and as I write this the shower coming down outside is quite ridiculous. Therefore this album is one to turn up loud on crap piss weather days like this and turn it into fun pop rock greatness. The album is one to launch on and feel happy and enjoy their quirky fun lyrics while dancing around the room like a loonbag. This band are great to catch live as the energy that comes off the album is quite something and very infectious. If you need a sound akin to these guys it would be bands likes Jimmy Eat world, Fountains of Wayne and Weezer , these guys are a great edition to the fanatatic music scene in limerick at the moment, Its worth picking up the album (Pic Below) as it packs a punch of fun and will brighten up your day!
Check them out here:

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