Tuesday, March 8, 2011

Music Snippets #29 - Stephen Young and the Union

Hail From :
Band Members : John Sweeney : Electric guitar and harmonica Steve Rogers & Johnny Byrne : Drums Andy Moran & Ciaran Lane : Bass Stephen Young :Acoustic guitar, mandolin,harmonica & vocals
Tommy Murtagh :Cello
About: Stephen Young the leader of the troop has been in a few bands in his time and is no stranger to the gigging scene. His new venture along with the union is a fantastic blend of folk blues and excellent stories. I happened to get their new single "Coke & Rum" from itunes last week and loved what I heard. The sound reminds me of Ryan Adams in the whiskeytown era and left me wanting more. The union are about to release their debut album "Wilderness Machine" on the 25th of March.
I got a sneak listen to it and was really impressed. Its a fantastic album loosely based on a character and the tales he comes across during break ups and the death of a close friend. Gavin Glass has had a hand in producing it and as we know by now his midas touch works very well, The sound is excellent and hopefully we will get to see them live in the limerick area soon. They have a string of dates already lined up across the country and you can buy the new single right now. Go check these guys out and if you don't you will start hearing about them again anyways. http://www.myspace.com/stephenyoungmusic399

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Wow! Ive never seen Stephen so close with this pictures.. thumbs up for the photographer.