Thursday, May 5, 2011

Music Snippets #32 - Dead Red Light

Hail From :
Band Members :
Vocals/Guitar - Rory Lewis
Bass/Vocal - Dane Staunton
Drums - Dar
As I keep harping on about the talent that Limerick has, Meet another rising band by the name of Dead Red Light. This punk- pop - in your face outfit have been trawling the local scene for 3 years. Gigging feverishly throughout and in the process releasing some great music. The trio are set to release a new single called "We Waste Ourselves" on Saturday. The great high powered energy fest that is Dead Red Light really shines through in this new epic single. The lads are kindly offering a free download of the single over here . Well worth checking these guys out live and they play Limerick on Saturday to celebrate the release of the single in the Loft (upstairs in the locke bar)/

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