Wednesday, February 22, 2012

The Cranberries Set for Big Hometown Gig

The Cranberries have rumoured a Limerick gig this summer in Thomond Park. The band are just about to release their sixth studio album 'Roses' this Friday. Indielimerick has had the pleasure of listening to the album for the last two weeks now and is blown away by the record.

Personally the band never really would have been a favourite of mine but dont get me wrong the music is excellent and I have been known to sing along to the classics, The early 90s was their height in terms of singles and albums and it all just seemed to pass me by somehow. I think I was too immersed in The Doors and Nirvana at that time thanks to sibling influences and being of the non gig going age didn't help either. I missed out on a local band making it big I guess, Listening back now to albums such as Everybody Else Is Doing It, So Why Can't We? and No Need to Argue you can clearly see why they hit the big time. Its amazing the fan base they have acquired across the world, Any posts I put on indielimerick about the cranberries always seem to be the most read and read from the most diverse locations. I remember holidaying in Italy once and correcting someone that I'm Irish not English and immediately they harped on about their obsession with the band and I haven't even told them I'm from their hometown yet.

Dolores O'Riordan's solo projects pretty much passed me by also but Noel Hogan's solo stuff with Mono Band was a favourite. Roses is the first cranberries album I am able to appreciate now after finding my music legs if you will. The 12 track album is really something special and there are some stand out tracks along the way. Listening to the album I kept thinking of seeing them live and how great this album is going to sound on stage.
If rumours are correct the band will head to the home of rugby mid July sometime along with other huge band on the bill. It wont be the first time the band plays the hallowed turf as they performed for the opening of the special Olympics there back in June 2010 (Picture above). Looking forward to getting more details on the event, until then get yourself a copy of the cracking new album Roses this Friday from the local band.

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