Thursday, March 8, 2012

Protobaby let sparks fly

Last night I had the privilege to listen to the final draft of Protobabys debut album 'The Spark' within the walls of where the whole process was mastered thanks to Wav Mastering. It was super to hear the full album at its richest quality using the highest quality mix and out of highest quality speakers and also in the company of the makers of the record, wish I could listen to all albums like this.
We were treated to advanced copies of the album which hits the public on Friday March 23rd, The artwork was done by limerick artist Ken Coleman. Ken has collaborated with the lads on various singles and eps to date and for this album he has come up trumps again.
The eleven track album were all songs I had heard live over the last few years from seeing the band live on many occasions, the only worry I had with the much anticipated debut was that the bands energy and big sound wouldn't transfer well onto cd. The recording team have done a superb job of this, as the tracks sound as epic and in your face as they do on stage.
The album deals with many subject matters including politics,religion,love and includes the track "Nobody Knows" which is dedicated to a friend who lost his life in tragic circumstances. On a whole the album is an absolute gem, looking forward to seeing it launched in dolans on March 23rd. This is a night not to be missed.Once again another huge record to come out of Limerick in recent years and one certainly to be proud of! Cheers lads!
We were also treated to an advance screening of the new video for the single 'Fluorescent' which was official aired today, check it out below. Another fine masterpiece by Shane Serrano.

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