Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Wingnut Records Come to Limerick

The Irish Independent record shop Wingnut Records have been stocking records in two locations thus far in Galway and Waterford. They have decided to branch out yet again and now have a set up within the Moviedrome rental shop on the top of Henry Street.

I Managed to pop down to the shop today, Within the vast impressive array of DVDs is a CD shelf jam packed with Records, Cd's and Tapes. They have an impressive stock of Irish artists including some local favourites such as Windings, Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters, Hidden Highways, We Come in Pieces and so on.

The 200 plus collection is mainly Irish independent labels such as the 'Richter Collective' , 'Lazybird' , 'Local Legends' and local label 'Out on a Limb'. This is another great addition to the music scene in Limerick, Moviedrome stays open until 10 so no excuse not to call in for a dvd rental and some great music.
The New Reindeer Age is now also stocked at Wingnut Records in Moviedrome, so call in if you havent got a copy.

Keep an eye on the record shop on facebook here.

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robin said...

Nice! More of this sort of stuff.