Wednesday, August 29, 2012

The Guggenheim Grotto are back in town this September

An Indielimerick favourite is back in Limerick after a absense of three years , Kevin May from Ballinrobe, and Mick Lynch from Westport will play the upstairs venue in Dolans on Friday the 14th of September.
The band are situated now in the US and have been creating quite a stir and building a massive fan base over there.
Ive had the pleasure of seeing the band live on three occasions, last time back in May 2009 (review here). The band are always on the ipod and are a constant addition to any playlist of mine.

Their three albums are a joy to listen to and well worth checking out, they are currently on the cusp of a new release.
This fourth album was a pledge effort and was very unique in that they recorded twenty tracks and then asked the pledgers to chose twelve to make the final record. Unfortunately I personally didnt get to pledge and chose tracks ( No credit card at the time), hopefully ill get a chance to listen to all twenty at some point. Hopefully this untitled album will be ready come gig time in dolans.
Looking forward to it!

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