Friday, September 28, 2012

Arthur's Day 2012 Dolans Limerick 27/09/12 Review

The brilliant marketing scheme that is Arthur's day was back in town, This year wasn't as big as last years bash which included the Big Top in town being invaded by several big acts thanks to Guinness. The big story this year was what big secret act was playing in town, Thought it was great that everyone had it sussed that Mumford & Sons were playing Smyths in town. Even later on in the night in Dolans I overheard a few students saying they couldn't wait to see Mumford getting up on stage. The rumours were completely made up :)  however Texas did actually play smyths as the big surprise act.
I didn't really understand why people were questioning which surprise act were playing where as Dolans already had a great line up planned and confirmed.

First up were Dublin outfit 'Cry Monster Cry'. The band played a great short set, unfortunately to a very unresponsive student crowd who were wondering what time Example was coming out on stage (Another untrue rumour :). Picked up there excellent EP 'The Fallen' on the night and look forward to hearing a lot more from them and hopefully another gig in Limerick at some stage. Check them out here

Next up were local band Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters , The lads have been very busy of late getting their second offering ready for the world. Everything is now recorded and hopefully we will see a great follow up to the brilliant first album 'Devil in Music' sometime next year. The band played a nice set including some of the new material.
Set :
Hatch Sixteen
Little Black Marble
Caked in Sin
That Old Chestnut
Throwing Shapes
Falling Debris
Fight The Grey


Last up for the official Arthur's Day line up was Jape, It was my fifth time to see him play tonight the best gig I saw him play was Arthur's Day in Dolans back in 2009 (Review) to a packed crowd. Unfortunately the crowd tonight wasn't as big but he put on another great performance. Its sad to say it but it seems the young students today are more interested in mainstream X Factor stuff and 'The Big acts' whereas a couple of years ago any act playing live would have drawn a big crowd, maybe I'm wrong. Anyways another great gig from Jape as always.

After Jape the crowd were ushered out of the warehouse to a packed bar inside, Dolans didn't really plan this the best as they had organised a separate event called 'DIE' . A regular Thursday night event which includes Dubstep in the warehouse, Indie upstairs and Electro in the smoking area. All these events were ticketed so people who had bothered to come for Arthur's day were now being asked to leave the venue and queue out in the rain to come right back into where they came from, It was all a bit silly and they should have just let the people who were in for the Arthur's day stay there.

After waiting ages to get back in I eventually got to the 'indie' night upstairs. The wait meant I missed the first act up which was local band 'Milk Baby'. Sorry lads
Next up were local band 'Animal Beats' , The upstairs was now nice and packed full of students and newbie Guinness drinkers which was a fun mix. The band played a great set with the crowd really enjoying it. As you can see below.

Last up at around midnight was another local favourite 'Protobaby'. They played into the wee small hours and had the crowd in palm of their hands ending a great night of music. A seriously brilliant performance as always, The video below proving that.  Cheers for a great night!

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