Friday, November 16, 2012

Bell x1 live at Dolans Limerick 15/11/2012 Review

Last night saw Bell x1 roll into town to play the opening night of a two night sold out affair in Dolan's warehouse. The warehouse was kitted out with rows and rows of seating, a first for me. The walls had posters stating that patrons turn off mobile phones and that the bar would be closed during the performance. All things lead to a night of acoustic bliss from the band.
The three members Paul Noonan , David Geraghty and Dominic Philips treated the seated crowd to a stunning performance of a full range of tracks spanning all seven of their albums.

The trio are currently on an acoustic tour much like the tour that came to St.Johns Church back in 2010 (mini review here)
The lads spoke of their fondness for Limerick and that nearly 12 years ago when the band were just starting to gig Dolans played host to one of their first. No opening act facilitated a full night of acoustic Bell x1 which was spilt into two parts with an interlude in the middle. As Paul mention far from Interludes they were rared, the banter was great throughout the night. With many of the tracks being given back stories before they began , Several covers were thrown into their existing tracks and the band were full of little surprises even throwing 'Ms Jackson' by Outkast into the mix. The night was filled with many instruments including Banjos, ukuleles and a magnificent sounding upright piano.

They played a number of new tracks so hopefully we will see a new record soon enough from the band, the new numbers sounded great so we can expect great things down the line. The final song a cover of Roy Orbinson (Bono/Edge penned) 'She's a Mystery to Me' was superb as the band stood around one mic, check out the videos below for a little snippet of a great night, Cheers!

SetList: (Order might not be right)
Bad Skin
Next to You
Slow Set
Safer than love
She's a Mystery to Me (Roy Orbison Cover)

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