Wednesday, January 9, 2013

Music Snippets #35 - Richard Kapp & The Gowns

Hail From :

Band Members :
Richard Kapp (piano, vocals)
Agnes Rössler (vocals, glockenspiel, perc. & funny, little instruments)
Alexander Csurmann (drums & perc.)
Bernadette Ott (viola)
Jean-Philipp-Oliver Viol (viola)
Paul Schreitl (trombone)
Peter Schweighofer (sound magic)
Roland Liegle (bass)

Had the pleasure of getting a nice album in the post today entitled 'Amok' from Richard Kapp\and The Gowns, What a great name first of all and check out the many members above. The album is full of quirky instruments and adds a beautiful layering to the sound. Touches of 'The National', 'Belle and Sebastian, 'Divine Comedy' and 'Rufus Wainwright'. The last comparison has a lot to do with the faultless smooth vocals throughout the record intertwined by the beautiful piano playing. Neil Hannon must listen to this and wonder when he recorded it. The album was brought out last year and well worth checking out. Treat yourself! Hopefully we will see some live date in Ireland soon.

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