Thursday, May 2, 2013

Happy 15th Birthday Dolans Warehouse

Limerick will be the place to be this weekend with a whole host of events happening as part of the Riverfest 2013.

In the mix of these events will be Dolans Warehouse celebrating fifteen years of incredible service to the city. The warehouse has been the epicentre for the limerick music scene for all those years , time and time again the venue has booked amazing artists to play the venue. The crew at Dolans are celebrating in style this Sunday with a full line up of bands and topping it all off with their version of the beloved Termites nightclub. It all kicks off at seven bells and all this for just five notes.
Head down if you can!

Line up so far:
La Galaxie
Leading Armies
Animal Beats
Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters
Dead Red Light
Kiernan Mcmullen
Patrick O Brien

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