Thursday, July 18, 2013

The National live at the Marquee , Cork 28/06/2013 Review

I wouldn't put me down as a diehard National fan but their 2010 album 'High Violet' really hit a chord with me and would get a lot of rotation on the pod. Was delighted to hear them playing the Marquee as I hadn't got a chance to visit it yet and Cork is a great city to go out in. The band had just released their sixth studio album 'Trouble Will Find Me' a month before the gig and I had liked what I heard so far. The band were playing a massive amount of dates this summer and any festival worth there salt had them on the billing.

I arrived late as the warm up band from Brighton 'Tall Ships' were just ending, The big top looked great as you walked along the canal. As you entered the tent an inside waiting area was a wash with bars , merchandise stands and food outlets including a travel eddie rockets!
It was a festival atmosphere around as the crowd shuffled their way into the circus arena awaiting the headline act. For a sell out gig it wasn't as packed as I had imagined , I made my way to as close as I could and got a nice spot. The heat in the tent was something else as I took as much layers off as I could without getting arrested.

As we waited a black drop of live footage of the band backstage getting ready to walk on was being shown and they arrived out to a great reception. The backdrop was used throughout the night intertwined with live grainy footage of the band/crowd and previous stock film of trees and landscapes which really worked with the sounds.
I have to admit the sound for the first couple of songs struggled and the band didn't seem to be feeling it maybe their monitors were a mess too. After awhile the sound was stronger and the band were at full tilt and they were living up to the reputation of one of the best live acts on the scene at the moment.
Lead singer Matt Berninger would prowl the stage throughout the night like a man processed boxing his own fists , he seemed very subdued at the start of the gig but half way through he would be on his knees screaming chorus lines , no wonder he was subdued at the start he is clearly bolloxed from giving it socks for the last few night on tour. He certainly didn't disappoint in the second half of the show as it did seem like we got to sides to the band. The new material sounded great and the mix between old and new worked perfect and really got the die hards singing.
The best part of the night was the when they arrived back out for the encore and played another five tracks. Third song in 'Mr November' saw Matt jump into the crowd and walk around on hands and barriers and whatever would hold his weight. The band were in full swing when playing second last song of the night 'Terrible Love'. The last track was amazing as all the members assembled on the front of the stage acoustic and unplugged and no mics playing 'Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks' . The crowd were exceptional and so polite you could hear a pin drop which is quite hard giving the size of the audience. The sing song was super and it ended a brilliant night, Cheers!

Set List:
I Should Live In Salt 
Don't Swallow the Cap 
Bloodbuzz Ohio 
Secret Meeting 
Sea of Love 
Afraid of Everyone 
Conversation 16 
Squalor Victoria 
I Need My Girl 
This is the Last Time 
All the Wine 
Slow Show 
Pink Rabbits 
About Today 
Fake Empire 
Mr. November 
Terrible Love 
Vanderlyle Crybaby Geeks


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