Thursday, June 5, 2014

dREA live at Cobblestone Joes 16/05/2014 Review

Managed to check out local band dREA launch their album in Cobblestone Joes at the start of the month. The 11 tracks 'Bravest of All' is a superb record and well worth checking out. The vocal layering and massive amount of instruments played throughout the album is simply excellent. Its an album you will constantly be going back to for another listen and hear another superb inclusion in the song structures.
Lead singer Damien Drea's voice is a deep almost Matt Berninger type vibe adding a darkness to the tracks. Had the pleasure of heading along to the acoustic launch of the album the week previous and then tonight we saw the band giving the songs welly on front of packed venue. 

Do yourself a favour and go buy the album and go check them out live, Cheers for a great night of music!!
Bravest of All
Through the Wire
Voice on the Road
Lost in the Water
To the River
Father is a Drummer

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