Wednesday, November 30, 2016

Primal Scream live at The Big Top, Limerick 29/11/2016 Review

It was an absolute treat to have a band like Primal Scream play in Limerick last night. A full blast of nineties nostalgia filled the tented milk market as the band lashed through a set peppered with hits.

The band started with the opener of 'Movin' on Up' from their 1991 classic album Screamadelica. Twenty five years on from that seminal record the group has a back catalog of eleven albums that felt like they all saw an airing tonight. Their newest effort 'Chasmosis' brought out last march has been on the indielimerick playlist all year and harps right back to the good ole days of the bands sound. Their sound being a mix of psychedelic indie rock with dance music provides for the perfect festival act. The big top in limerick lent itself well to this vibe. The down fall being that it was a Tuesday night and it was minus two degrees but to fair it didn't dampen the spirit's of the limerick crowd.

It was my first time to see the band live and they didn't disappoint, Cheers for a great night. Now I'm off for a pint of calpol if I can find one.


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