Friday, May 18, 2018

The Rolling Stones live at Croke Park, Dublin 17/05/2018 Review

As soon as the Rolling Stones were announced for an Irish date on their European tour I jumped at the chance to get tickets for a band that had been at the top of my band bucket list for so long. Out of the seven times they had appeared in Ireland I was only alive for three of them.(Stones Irish Tour History) I was so glad to be finally seeing the band that I never got tired of listening to, never stayed off a playlist of mine and band I had grown up with. 

We headed up to Dublin early Thursday and got the Luas straight into the city centre from the Red Cow roundabout. As we got closer to Croke Park we sampled a few pre-gig pints in the sunshine. The busy pubs that lined the stadium were packed with middle aged rockers adored with the infamous Rolling Stones lick t-shirts each more worn the next. After a few lovely warm ups we headed inside, we made our way right smack bang in the middle of the pitch. With the support act missed due to pre-gig pints we were all set for the main act to arrive out. 

The intro to Sympathy for the Devil starts up and the crowd begin the ooh oohs as the four massive video screens that line the stage kick into life. Out runs Mick Jagger in an incredible glitter jacket that wouldn't be amiss on a circus ringmaster. His instant injection of energy was infectious and that energy didn't dwindle for the whole night. Soon after that Keith and Ronnie appeared at either side and a huge applause for Charlie on drums as the large video screens catch him. It certainly was a goosebumps moment to witness this seminal track being blasted out by the band live.

Its astonishing to think these guy are still going so strong after all these years. It's an absolute privilege to be seeing them perform. Most acts that are still going at this age are notable different and don't hold up to anything near their records but by god do the Rolling Stones still put on a show! I don't think I've ever danced as much watching a gig before. The Jagger moves were very much on show. My legs are in bits today, I would love to know what magic potions Mick takes as he is more than double my age.

The set below just shows what an amazing mix we got to hear. They delved right into the back catalog playing all the crowd favorites that no one leaving could have been disappointed with. Watching the band interact with each other was just brilliant, A band paying this long and still having a ball. We were entertained by trumpet players, piano players and amazing backing vocalists throughout. The final encore of '(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction' was incredible as the final notes rang out fireworks were let off into the Dublin sky.
Croke Park was turned into one massive party and I am so grateful I was there. One massive name ticked off the band bucket list and finally as a Limerick man being able to leave Croke Park with a smile on my face was superb.

Cheers for an amazing night! 

Set List:
Sympathy for the Devil
Tumbling Dice
Paint It Black
Just Your Fool (Buddy Johnson and His Orchestra cover)
Ride 'Em on Down (Jimmy Reed cover)
Wild Horses
You Can't Always Get What You Want
It's Only Rock 'n' Roll (But I Like It)
Honky Tonk Women
Before They Make Me Run(Keith Richards on lead vocals)
The Worst(Keith Richards on lead vocals)
Miss You
Midnight Rambler
Start Me Up
Jumpin' Jack Flash
Brown Sugar

Gimme Shelter
(I Can't Get No) Satisfaction

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