Monday, November 5, 2007

Radio Prague - Get your slice of Madness!

Wondering what do next Saturday Night? Lets Just set the scene , A giant Dancing Robot Insane Music and a guaranteed great laugh!

Let ME introduce you to Radio Prague these loons from Dublin/Meath are gracing Limerick this very Saturday at non other than The Underground @ Baker Place.

Their New Single will be showcased on the night called JC Cruizin on first listen they make you want to just let yourself go and have a crazy time something similar to sounds of Hot Chip, But as we progress through their videos we can see they have a variety of madness to offer, Please feel free to check out their MySpace Page which offers us an insight into the bands Formation and Progression.

On my list of Websites on the left check out The Underground Website to keep up to date with up & coming gigs at this venue.

Get yourself down there Saturday Night - A giant Robot Dancing in underpants, whats not to like!

Radio Prague - JC Cruizin (Check out the band this Sat 10th Nov @The Underground Baker Place, Limerick)

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