Wednesday, November 14, 2007

Seneca for the Big Screen

Local Limerick band Seneca have been chosen by a French Film Maker to Star in a new film Documentary about the life of a touring Irish Band. How brilliant! Seneca have been doing the rounds since 2005 and I have known the band for alot longer from different band names to different Band faces, It Seems Seneca now are a tight knit Group and this impeding film will sure to raise there profile even further.
Seneca are known for a hard working Limerick band and you are sure to find them playing in many music venues in the City, They can be found At Dolans on the 22 Dec & 28th of December playing support with bands such as The Frank And Walters and on the latter date support to the Hitchers.
I have had the pleasure of working with the lead singer Rob Hope on Wired Fm and Really like the sound this band are capable of Making, Their Single Smile has had Critical acclaim already reaching 27 in the Irish charts and No.1 in the Irish Download Charts, Also one of the bands songs featured on the Irish Album Ceol 07 . Looking Forward to seeing the Documentary, Keep up the good work Lads!
For a further look into the music world of Seneca Check out their Bebo Page

Here is Seneca Performing Clarity on Balcony Tv

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