Thursday, October 9, 2008

Cathy Davey - Jean Monet,UL 08/10/2008 Review

It must be a bad time of year for gig attendance or something as I was expecting a huge crowd in the Jean Monet last night, little over 100 showed up to see Miss Davey last night. A support act entertained the crowd like the Lisa hannigan gig last time in the jean Monet the support act was as forgettable however the guy himself was good but his accompanied players could have done with a miss, check him out here Cathy arrived out with two guys and low and behold its the piano player from last nights gig. Told you those One Day International guys are multi talented. She is a little daunted by the closeness of the crowd and maybe the full lights being on and also it was the first time she was playing these songs without her full band. She started with a cover of Otis Redding's Arms of Mine and she apologised to the people who came for the loud upbeat numbers. I was very pleased to see her in this raw state and it was such a joy to hear her albums stripped down like that. The other two band members were also new to this arrangement and she mentioned it was only for tonight but might continue it in the future. A mini drum kit was also there to add to the acoustic bliss of the night. Cathy's chocolate like voice was flawless throughout and we were treated to several more covers such as George Gershwin's "Do It Again" , "nature boy" from moulin rouge,Billie Holiday's Gloomy Sunday and the multi covered cry me a river most notably by Ella Fitzgerald. I really hope these covers make it to some covers album by her. Handpicked numbers from her own album and covers provided a short but sweet set. She kept apologizing for the downbeat songs but she need not worry as it was a beautiful sounding gig. Cheers! She Plays Dolans 17th of Dec, Hopefully a new album on tow Set List: Arms of Mine Harmony Do it Again Nature Boy Little Red No Heart Today Sing for your Supper Reuben Nameless Gloomy Sunday Rubbish Ocean All of You Cry Me A River Cathy Davey - Gloomy Sunday-Dublin Fringe Festival

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