Wednesday, February 4, 2009

Music Snippets # 8 - House of Cosy Cushions

Name : House of Cosy Cushions Band Members : Richard Bolhuis (vocals & guitar) Stephen Kiernan (drums) Rob Campbell (bass) Rossa O'Neill (trombone) Orla Nolan (vocals). Hails From : Originally Amsterdam now Dublin Music Sound : Nick Drake having a weird love triangle with Don Van Vliet and Bjork. About : Its amazing how bands just never appear on the radar for a long time , this is one such band and I'm glad they found me. This is a very interesting band altogether. There seems to be a rotating door system in terms of band members, while the solid 5 mentioned above stay in place, guest band members seem to float in and out. Some of these floaters are people such as Cathy Davey and Eimear O'Grady (One Day International/ Every album I seem to pick up these days). House of Cosy Cushions sound is amazing and each song seems to change like the wind, From soft harmonising songs with Cathy Davey to indie pop bursting songs. This band are brilliantly diverse. They currently have an EP called "Palace for the Lost Ones" and a new album called "Animal Dream" on the go. The band are to set foot in limerick soon on the 27th of March. They will play Baker place and I shall be there and so should you. GO CHECK THEM OUT HERE : House of Cosy Cushions - Palace for the Lost Ones

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