Tuesday, February 17, 2009

Pete Doherty's Solo Album Out Soon!

I have been a fan of Pete every since I was introduced to the Libertines. Pete is a genius and if we could only tame the beast we would be back to Carl and Pete bliss, until then we see Pete spiralling though this drug habit, Babyshambles and many lovers. While Carl brings out mix tapes and dabbles with Dirty Pretty Things (Which are no more). Who would have thought in 2009 all these projects would have been done and it is now Pete coming out on top and releasing material. Pete's drug habit seems to be quiet and has been in the limelight on/off in the last few months. Late Late show, MTV 24 Hours in the life of Pete and so on. He is finally in the media for something good. He seems to be very grounded of late. The new album Grace/Wastelands seems to be the grounding factor and the songs seem to be a mix match of new and old songs patched up to make a superb solo album. Graham Coxon seems to be the glue for all these bits and pieces and he is holding the whole record together. The music and pete voice sounds amazing and I am really looking forward to the full outcome of the album at the start of next month (16th of March). The video below shows a great insight into the man and album. Now that Carl is drifting and up to nothing the Libertines Reunion is surely on the cards? Track List : ‘Arcadie’ ‘Last Of The English Roses’ ‘1939 Returning’ ‘A Little Death Around The Eyes’ ‘Salome’ ‘Through The Looking Glass’ ‘Sweet By And By’ ‘Palace Of Bone’ ‘Sheepskin Tearaway’ ‘Broken Love Song’ ‘New Love Grows On Trees’ ‘Lady, Don’t Fall Backwards’ Insight into the album Pete Doherty - Interview - The Late Late Show 06-02-09 Part 1

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