Thursday, May 7, 2009

Music Snippets # 14 - Red Eskimo

Hails From : Limerick
Band Members :
Neil Delaney (vocals, guitar, synth)
Robert Carey (bass guitar, double bass, vocals)
Peter Delaney (guitar, indian harmonium, vocals) About : These guys are just about to release their album "The Grey Death Billow" tomorrow, to celebrate this the guys are playing down in dolans and I'm sure it will be a great night of music. I haven't heard the album yet but first impressions of the songs from their myspace is great. Their sound is really nice and I am really looking forward to hearing more.

Here is how they describe themselves :

Red Eskimo are a three-piece rock band from Limerick, Ireland. Though difficult to categorise, their sound has often been described as ‘Lo-Fi’ and ‘melodic’ while comparisons have ranged from Sigur Ros to Dinosaur Jr., Radiohead to Arcade Fire. Band members Neil Delaney, Peter Delaney and Robert Carey, write songs that veer between indie and post rock sensibilities, blending guitars and bass, synthesizers, Indian harmonium, drum programming and vocal harmonies. Embracing the DIY ethic, Red Eskimo record, produce and release all their music as well as generating all their artwork, music videos and live projections.


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