Thursday, February 25, 2010

Irish Blog Awards 2010 - Music Blog Nominees

Great to be nominated once again for the Irish blog awards for 2010, thanks to all those who voted and great to see so many great music blogs this years. Nialler9 Goldenplec On The Record 2 U I Bestow Faith No More 2.0 Spherical Notions Second Square to None Swear I’m not Paul IndieLimerick Torture Garden kDamo Those Geese Were Stupefied Musical Rooms The Clink Gigantic Asleep on the Compost Heap I’m Scared of Vinyl Cubikmusik Guesslist TheMisEducationOf mp3hugger French Letter Road Crew Comic Day and Night Mag Hardcore for Nerds Enough Talk, More Writing haido Edwin McFee TenaciousT Red TV Panic Dots These Auld Tapes From The Attic Euphiophone Amuze Me Town Full of Losers State SOS! Save Our Shoes Girl from the Hills Blog

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Studioprastathom said...

:) Hai.. Irish Blog awards 2010 Cool,
good luck!