Thursday, February 4, 2010

Music Snippets # 24 - TheVagabonds

Hail From : Dublin but mainly Limerick!
Band Members :
Phelo - Vocals/Guitar
Papio - Drums/Vocals
Niall - Guitar/Vocals
Niall - Bass/Vocals
About :
Majority rules in my books so these guys are officially a Limerick band. With a three out of two wininng this majority. The Dublin based four piece have been gigging around for awhile now and I have been meaning to write up about these guys for ages so apologies for the lateness. As soon as you hear there tracks on myspace you get a sense of raw untapped talent from such a young lively band on the up. Upon listening to these guys you wont get polished sounds or studio perfect vocals just good honest music, you will find fantastically written lyrics about everyday life and guys just enjoying playing music. You could nearly describe them as an Irish early libertines or Clash outfit at times. I have missed them play Limerick already but there back our way from a "Home Town" gig on the 25th of March as part of the great Green and Live Sessions down in Dolans. This is gig is one not to be missed and as usual its free, how can you complain? This band are a great edition to the limerick talent we have and I look forward to hearing more from these guys and hopefully a possible album on the way.
GO CHECK THEM OUT HERE: Loving this song/video :

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