Wednesday, May 19, 2010

Ryan Adams New Record - Orion

The Cardinals are gone but Ryan is still at work , This is a vinyl only release made up of recording from 2006, Dubbed by Ryan as a Metal album but hearing snippets maybe just hard core country rock! Order you copy now from , they will be shipped out on May 24th. I would say there will be a few releases like this to come with rumours of the infamous back catalogue of B-Sides and rare recordings to be released soon too. From the Blurb: Orion Deluxe Vinyl Recorded in 2006, ORION is Ryan Adams’ first fully-realized sci-fi metal concept album. No copies will be sold on compact disc – the only way to get the music is in this limited VINYL+DOWNLOAD configuration containing the following: * 1xLP on 180 gram clear vinyl * Artwork by Away (Michel Langevin from Voivod) * Download card for hi-res (320 kbps) digital version of the album * Double-sided 24” x 24” poster


IndieLimerick said...

Signal Fade
Imminent Galactic War
Fire Away
Defenders Of The Galaxy
Fire And Ice
By Force
Ghorgon, Master Of War
Electro Snake
Victims Of The Ice Brigade
2,000 Ships
End Of Days

tuxedo tails said...

Is that the cover for his newest album?