Thursday, April 7, 2011

Limerick Milk Market Gigs

Last month saw the closure of two great music venues in the city. Baker place a hive of alternative gigging and the magnificant St.Johns Church/Daghdha dance hall, where so many unreal gigs were played over the last few years. Maybe the church might see gigs in the future and maybe Baker place is set to re open at some stage with a bit of luck and money but for now the alternative is the Milk Market.
Dolans are transforming the market into a giging arena on the 30th of April and welcoming Irish act The Coronas to give its music outing. The Coronas are a great live band and are extremly popular with the young and old, its sure to be a great occasion.
There are plans a foot for several gigs to take place here and I for one look forward to sampling this new venue. This is a great addition to the music scene in Limerick.

For tickets to the first Milk Market gig check out dolans here :

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