Wednesday, April 20, 2011

Rock to Bialystok Heat 3 19/04/2011 Review

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters and Dirty Diamonds were the victors from Heat 1 and 2 so tonight would see another band progress to the final being held next Tuesday on the 24th of April.
Here's a run down of the performances :
First up were Futurism, A very young band full of energy and a great in you face sound.They played a very fast paced set and all credit to them they have a great sound, Worth a look out for when they are playing live again but just not my cup of tea.
Set: (Some not played)
The Endless Fight
Now It's All Black
Holes in Her Hands
No Click
Murder of you and I
Lies in Wait
Cardinals End

Next up were Birdthistle, I saw these guys live a couple of months ago. They have very unique sound, Like the cover band Free Beer have taken to writing orginal rock tracks. Traditional Irish music with a rock and roll twist. The played a fine set and always enjoyable as they seems to be having a great time on stage everytime. The lads have a single launch of "let it all go home" on the 27th of May in Dolans, Worth checking it out.
Time Laughs
Let it All Go Home
Festival of Lights
Winding the Clock

Last up were Protobaby. The played a blistering set at an incredible speed, The set in my opnion blew the other two bands out of the water and it was obvious who would take the win. Congrats to the the lads and best of luck in the final next week. Fair play to Futurism and Birdthistle for a great night of music.
See you Tuesday for the final.

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