Tuesday, September 13, 2011

MaryI Fresher Fest, Dolans 08/09/11 Review

A great night of bands was organised by the students union of MaryI to welcome the newcomers to the college. A whole weeks events finished with a 6 band bill plus DJ in Dolans warehouse.
All were welcome so I decided to head down due to the quality of bands on show and they did not disappoint.
Here is a small run down of the bands I did get to see:

Moscow Metro

First up were local outfit Moscow Metro. The guys have only being doing the rounds gig wise for a few months, The momentum of the band has been immense. After releasing an online track "Spirit of the City" the band seem to be on a roll. With slots coming up for them at the IMRO showcase tour in Dolans on the 30th of September and The Hard Working Class Heroes tour in Dublin on the 6th of October. Tonight they played a set of 7 tracks including two covers. The band played a cover of local band Tuesday Blue's 1988 song "Tunnel Vision. Its fantastic to see a young band play such a limerick classic and they put their own great spin on it. Hopefully this stays in their set. They  also played Bon Ivers Skinny love and the rest were made up of unreleased material that hopefully will find their way on an album soon. You will be hearing alot more from this guys! Check them out HERE
 tunnel vision
 skinny love
 where it all ends
 spirit of the city

Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters

After winning the Guinness Play on the Day competition in dolans the night previous Fox Jaw Bounty Hunters played a nice set of 8 tracks. Having released their debut album "Devil in Music" during the year the local lads have been non stop gigging. Their live performances are where the music lives best and they are a well polished machine. Hatch Sixteen is a brilliant tune and one that will have classic status from this Limerick band. Keep an eye on them HERE
Fight The Grey
Strip The City
Throwing Shapes
Thread The Needle
That Old Chestnut
Hatch Sixteen
Little Black Marble

Miracle Bell
Third band was Miracle Bell, The 3 boys from Nass rocked the warehouse with the crowd really getting into it. The MaryI first years really knew their Miracle Bell stuff and were in fine voice. The drummer put in a great performance throughout the 11 track electropoptastic set. Seek them out HERE

Future Kings
You & I
Fit for Love
Rough Diamond
Computer Man
You're Not Enough
Light Shape Sound
Love Sounds
Inhale Exhale

The Kanyu Tree

Last band I got to witness was that of The Kanyu Tree. Its my second time to see this band, last time was in 2008 at the Cois Fharraige festival in Kilkee. They have come along way from that gig, Back then had some great pop fun tracks and its nice to hear they are still at the same stuff. They are now getting some great radio play and are about to release their debut album People Street. The crowd really enjoyed the set and you will be hearing alot more from them in the future. Check them out HERE

A great night was had by all, cheers to MaryI for a great night!

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