Thursday, February 21, 2013

Raging Sons live at Cobblestone Joes 20/02/13 Review

A great night of original music took place in Cobblestone Joes last night. The venue now has a regular Wednesday night of orginal music from mainly local bands.  The venue gets better each time I visit , this time added stage lighting and a new PA makes for a great stage and superb sound throughout the pub. Its great to see live music being advertised each week in the venue and is a great asset to have such a venue in Limerick which is easily accessible to local young bands trying to cut their teeth on a live stage.

Last night saw two local bands on the bill, First up was Randolf  and the Crokers. As I said before I have a hand to play in the band (Harmonica) so wont go on how great we were too much :) . The Crokers played a nice set of ten tracks including a fun cover of Hall and Oats 'I can't go for that'. There was a nice crowd gathered to see the band warm up the night. The band are currently busy getting a single ready for release soon and hope to have an album fully recorded by the end of the year. Randolf and the Crokers play Dolans Warehouse on the 2nd of March before then keep an eye on them here.

Headliners tonight were another local band 'Raging Sons' , The band have been gigging crazy of late and rarely a week goes by without seeing them playing a local haunt. Its great to see a local band so busy and hard working. They played a great lively set of original tracks including 'Don't Look Back in Anger' by Oasis which was met with fun audience participation for the choruses. The band are well worth checking out live and looking forward to hearing some recorded material soon. Keep an eye on the Raging Sons here.

Cheers to Cobblestone Joes for a great night and be sure to get down to the pub for a Wednesday night session of live music soon, Cheers!

Set List:(Not in Order)
One Cigarette Left to Burn
Lines Keep Changing
One Man
Written On the Walls
Left to Write
Take On Night
Sailing Through a Sandstorm
Turn It On Today
Don't Look Back in Anger
Feed The Flood

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