Wednesday, February 13, 2013

The Minutes live at Dolans 28/12/12 Review

Only about two months behind in putting this review up but anyways guess its better late than never. The Minutes played their last show of 2012 to a packed Dolans Warehouse in full Christmas spirit! Two support bands warmed up the night , one I cant remember the name of video here and the other the great local outfit 'Animal Beats' The Beats seem to improve with every gig and are a now a great live act and always put on a super show. They played a few new tracks on the night adding to an already impressive set of tracks. Check the videos below. The band look like they are off to America to do a few shows next summer and I'm sure we will be hearing a lot more from the band and hopefully a full album release soon enough. Keep an eye on them here.

The Minutes played a blinding set on the night and if you haven't checked the lads out before make it your mission as they put on a serious energy filled set. Their album Marcata is one to get and is rarely off the pod. The band are now in the middle of recording their second album so hopefully we will be graced with that soon. Go stalk them here

Cheers for a great night!

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We The People is the name of the first band