Thursday, December 12, 2013

Out on a Limb Records 10th Anniversary live at Bourkes & Dolans 10/08/2013 Review

This one is going back a bit but better late then never, the local record label put on and amazing day of music back in August.

Its incredible the work this label has done for Limerick and for the music scene in Ireland in generally and they continue to produce fantastic music to this day. Ten years is a long time for an independent label to be churning out records and especially successful ones including the choice prize nominated release from Windings.

To celebrate they decided to throw on a few gigs around the town which started off in Bourkes and ended in Dolans warehouse. All the bands that played on the day have released material through the label and the family vibe between them all was very much visible. Giveamankick even returned for one night to join in on the celebration. There was great talent on show and the merchandise table had some superb records for sale. I managed to take a good few videos of the bands on the day, so below is a compilation of them. Thanks to Out on a Limb for adding so much to the local scene and here's to another ten years! Cheers!

Go buy music from them here

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