Thursday, December 12, 2013

Protobaby live at Dolans 01/11/2013 Review

Another local release in Dolans this time by Protobaby and yet again a full line up of support bands from limerick too. The honours this time going to My Empire (Video from the night here) and the superb Senakah (Video from the night here).
These two acts kicked off a great night which saw the warehouse flooded with people, some had decided to arrive in costume for Halloween which added to the fun.

The band newly fronted by Aoife McLoughlin were tonight releasing their debut single 'Keep Running' under the new line up. As mentioned before in the review of Protobabys last gig in dolans (Review here) with former frontman Colm McGuinness , the band have kept going after Colms departure due to work and time constraints. The decision of bringing in a female vocalist I am sure shocked a few as the sound of the band was very much led by his baritone voice.  However it was great to see the band not stopping altogether and tonight was the first local unveiling of the new sound.

They put on a superb performance even though it was a short set and I suppose this has to do with only being together for so long. The set included pre Aoife tracks in the guises of State of Affairs & Fluorescent taken from the bands debut album 'The Spark'. The new tracks and new sound is certainly very different from the previous bands work but it certainly works. The highlight of the night being the single 'Keep Running'. Aoifes voice and energy remind me a lot of Karen Os and was pleasantly surprised to hear them do a cover of Yeah Yeah Yeahs Gold Lion and plus its my favourite of theirs.
I am really looking forward to hearing them progress and bring out a full album as soon as possible, Cheers for a great night!

Set List:
Flyin' High
Gold Lion (Yeah Yeah Yeahs Cover)
State of Affairs
Keep Running