Tuesday, April 22, 2008

Bon Iver - For Emma, Forever Ago

I was recently recommended this album “For Emma, Forever Ago” by someone or something called “Bon Iver”. On first listen I knew it wasn’t for me however as the album rolls along it seems to pull you into its deep rhythm of soft strumming guitars and layered remarkable enchanting vocals. When I listen now the hairs stand up from the back of my neck from the first strum to the last.
After researching the background to this album it becomes clear where this sound emanates from. Let me fill you in.
Bon Iver represents the French word “bon hiver” meaning good winter. Good winter is a very interesting way to put it, but I bet Justin Vernon didn’t think it would have been refer to as a Good Winter when he set about to start this album.
He had just been in the middle of a split from his previous band “DeYarmond Edison” and just got into his head to go into isolation in the form of a remote cabin in Wisconsin for four months. While Justin was there he kept up to date with day to day up keep of his father’s farmland which was adjacent to the cabin. He busied himself with various activities such a wood cutting and so on. His artistic side obviously woke up while there and began to write this amazing folk/indie album. I can just picture him alone in the middle of nowhere surrounded by guitars, recording equipment and hundreds of papers with lyrics on them.
This story has one of a great happy ending as Vernon's self-released debut album is one of fine quality and worth a listen or two.

Bon Iver plays Crawdaddy 2nd of June , Dublin

Check out his Myspace page here http://www.myspace.com/boniver

Bon Iver -Flume (dont blame me for goosebumps)

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