Monday, April 14, 2008

Geary Brings Opium to Limerick

One of the few hard Irish working singer songwriters is coming back to limerick this month (22th of April) and this time he is bringing along new material from his new album Opium. The album sounds superb on first listen and continues to grow on me.
Mark Geary’s third album showcases a sole that has been on a long and winding tour of the states and someone who was trying to find themselves and won the battle.
There are some fantastic songs on here and I am sure we will be hearing quite a lot from Geary before the year is out.
He describes the album as being “about escape and the notion of consequence”. Tracks such as “Tuesday” and “Atrophy” seems to emanate that statement and it’s a record you will find yourself going back to again and again.

His other albums “33 1/3 Grand Street” in 2003 and “Ghosts” in 2004 have had critical acclaim and are well worth looking into. Check out more of Mr.Geary at

Mark Geary - Tuesday (From the new album)

-- He plays Dolan’s 22th of April (
-- He Plays Electric Picnic 31st of August (

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