Monday, April 28, 2008

Coldplay's New Single out tomorrow for Free!

Coldplays new album Viva la Vida of Death and all his Friends is out on June 12th but the website is previewing a single called Violet Hill, which can also be downloaded from Coldplay's website from 12.15pm tomorrow (April 29). How Cool. The single will also be given away on 7inch vinyl with NME may 10th issue.

Keep up to date with the band here

Finally downloaded the song after a half an hour of refreshing the page. The page must have been flooded. On first listen it has that unmistakable coldplay sound , still akin to X&Y era . However the music seems to be going down a new path. The first part of the song is a fast paced Chris with interesting riffs . The songs then takes a slow piano twist at the end and I'm sure will be a grower bring on the the 12th of June.


Latchiko said...

I'm waiting for the email with download instructions since lunch time. Hopefully I'll get it before June 12th!

jusk said...

I'm afraid this is just going to be more Tony Fenton fodder. Pity, but I'm not surprised.