Thursday, June 19, 2008

Bands You Must See Before You Die

We all have that list and we all tick them off as we go. Who is on your List? Who have you ticked off from your list?
Recently I have ticked off quite a few.
Ryan Adams and Radiohead being the most recent.
Off the top of my head my list looks something like this :

Neil Young
(Going to see him Sunday Week :)

(Seeing them in September at Cois Farriage)

Bob Dylan
(Wasted Opportunities)

(Playing in Cork , Ticket Price + Too many gigs already = Excuse)

(Annoyed I have never seen these guys , so many wasted opportunities)

The White Stripes
( Nearly Did at Oxegen but they pulled out at the last minute)

Led Zeppelin

The Rolling Stones
(Who Knows Maybe One Day)

David Bowie
(Nearly Did at Oxegen but he pulled out at the last minute)

Pink Floyd
(Doubt that will happen)

The Libertines
(Surely the comeback will happen one day)

I am sure there is many more I cant think of right now. What happens when I see all these bands, Do I go to Music Heaven and just wallow in the glory of past gigs or will there always be bands coming and going with that must see stamp on them? Whats on your list?

Glad I got this off my chest.


jusk said...

Hope you don't mind, but I've 'tagged' you on my blog.

Also, I've seen 2 of your still-to-see bands (Travis & LZ), and will be seeing Moz in Hyde Park in a couple of weeks. Lucky me. Bowie is still eluding me though, after shafting me at Oxegen 2004.

Indie Sessions said...

Yes Bowie Shafted me too although i think it was a problem with his heart that year, Moz at hyde park you lucky ba, wasnt that the gig i told you about? :)

Tag away my friend tag away!

jusk said...

Oh yes, indeed it was - forgot to give you credit for the heads-up on the Hyde Park thing. Cheers, I'm predicting a good weekend over there.

I don't care if it was his heart, the fact is I paid the money to see him (and the Cure and PJ), and there was no refund. He owes me.

Ronan B said...

Bob Dylan was the most disappointing gig I've ever been to.
While I was never his biggest fan it was two verses into "Blowin' in the Wind" before I recognised it, he was so bad. The mans' voice is gone (apparently it was gone 20 years ago)
My brother has seen him a few times and said it's very hit and miss.
Personally I wouldn't spend money on him again.
Meanwhile Bruce Springsteen was very good last month.

Indie Sessions said...

Thats sad to hear but you have to take into account the man is 67ish although the Cohen gig sounded great and the man is 72, I think Dylan had the more rock and roll wear and tear though.
I still would like to witness him live be in the same room as the genius.
Wouldnt mind seeing the boss either but still not his biggest fan yet but coming around, just recently listening to his old stuff.

Indie Sessions said...

Id like to add Bright Eyes & The Flaming Lips to this list , I can see myself adding to this down through the years

IndieLimerick said...