Monday, December 8, 2008

Bug by Ryan Adams

The man is just unreal, I don't know how he churns out the work like this. My pre-order of his book of poems infinity blues hasn't even arrived yet and this is a pre-release signed edition that isn't out until april 2009. His new album cardinology isn't even a month old and he already has a new album demoed called dear impossible plus now we hear his work of fiction is going to be called bug and will be out soon. How do you do it? Chapters for the supposed "Bug" 1. “300 pages, Twenty Chapters….” 2. Bug… 3. New York City Destroys author/relationship 3. Nerd Fantasy /Green Light Go 4. Love is Very Confusing, (the noun) 5. words with the Ghost of Xmas Never 6. The Meltdown Part One- Oh Damn 7. Paris- why to go- how i left 8. Black and White Light 9. Nights 10. The Pills, and what sleep is not 11. The Meltdown Part Two; Bedprison 12. God Help Us 13. How Not To Write The Novel, (But say you are) 14. Bug…part two 15. The Last Grand Ballroom Unicorn Hurrah 16. The Past is Going Gold as in Golden Gang…. 17. Here It Comes…. 18. Survive The Words, Good and Bad 19. Cobwebs and a Letting Go 20. Bug, the author, and the letting in from the rain 21. Home.

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