Thursday, December 4, 2008

Bob Dylan to play the O2 Dublin!

Dylan has just announced a gig at the O2 (The Point) in Dublin for the 5th of May 2009. A Tuesday of all days but hows ever ill be there. Finally I'm going to see the fecker. My list of bands to see before i die ( is getting that bit smaller when the tickets go on sale this Monday! Ticket prices 49.80 - 59.80 euro (not too bad)
Tickets secured and I got standing right in front of the stage! Cheap too , two tickets under 100 squid, Bring on the Bob! FURTHER UPDATES Another date has been added for the 6th!


Ronan said...

I saw him a couple of years ago in Sydney. Very disappointing, the voice (what was there to begin with) is gone. He was two verses into "Blowin in the Wind" before I recognised it. I'd save my money !


Kevin said...

A Dylan gig is always memorable. I first saw him in London in 1981 (three nights in a row!), and I've caught his concerts in various parts of the world in the intervening years. I wouldn't miss a Bobfest for anything. I'm really looking forward to the O2 on May 5 & 6. I hope you enjoy it.