Thursday, December 18, 2008

Christmas Roundup

Hey there, sorry i haven't been posting lately but I have been dying sick with flu/kidney infection/chest infection/vomiting bug and so on but it looks like its all over with, hopefully. I'm off work tomorrow until the 5th! Wont be a lot of blogging due to late night Christmas booze fests and so on, but will try post a few things here and there including a review of the coldplay concert this Sunday and possible a few local gigs here and there. So just to give you a run down of some things you might have missed or somethings that are coming up before I go. - A lot of bloggers are giving their top ten albums but i believe the best so far in terms of work and quality has to be over at "Swear I'm Not Paul" ( -Off to Coldplay Sunday so be sure to come back at some stage during the week for the review -Dolans has some great gigs lined up for the Xmas so be sure to pop down for at least one. Go tonoght for the Green N Live Sessions Xmas Bash -Thanks for reading throughout the year and I hope everyone had a great Christmas and a great new year, Lots and Lots more planned for 2009. The reviews will be overflowing as I already have so many concert tickets bought! Talk Soon! -Preserve a classic this Christmas, Please Please buy Jeff Buckleys version of Hallelujah and keep that X Factor hag away. Have a nice White Winter Hymnal!

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