Tuesday, January 8, 2008

Another Bootleg Beauty

As you know already I am a big fan of rare bootleg's, From the List of Website Links on the left of the blog please find numerous bootleg pages , Today i have come across yet another gem in this field. Check out http://nargothebortsdeviantsubculture.blogspot.com/search/label/Neil%20Young
This Website allows visitors to access hundreds of bands and rare performances, the above link is just for Neil Young and the site offers over 20 live Bootleg's of the man. On the left of his page shows the names of the bands and the number of bootlegs for each. The site has very unusual bootlegs of for example Bob Dylan & Young & so on. Not just old classic performances there are a few new bands such as Arcade Fire. Get Downloading and Enjoy!
The Picture at the top refers to this site http://theultimatebootlegexperience.blogspot.com/ one of my most frequented bootleg sites.

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